Waltonchain x Crypto.com Community AMA Official Release

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This is the official release of Waltonchain x Crypto.com Community AMA held in the Telegram group of Crypto.com (https://t.me/CryptoComOfficial) at 18:00 on August 4, 2020 (UTC+8) (edited version).


C: Crypto.com Community Manager Dahee (@DaheeCDC)

D: Waltonchain CEO Do Sang Hyuk (@dosanghyuk)

M: Waltonchain Chief Expert Mo Bing (@MobingWTC)

C: Welcome to Waltonchain x Crypto.com Community AMA!

Our chat is muted for this AMA. We will open shortly for Live Q&A so please bear with us.

Today we are welcoming our guests from Waltonchain.
Mr. Do Sang Hyuk (@dosanghyuk), CEO of Waltonchain
Mr. Mo Bing (@MobingWTC), Chief Expert of Waltonchain

Welcome both!

Today we have 3 sections in total:

- Brief introduction of Waltonchain
- Q&A (Pre-collected questions through Google Form)
- Live Q&A (7 questions selected on spot)

We’ve got a lot of questions for you. But to start, can you briefly introduce the project and your role in Waltonchain?

D: Hi, Crypto.com Community! Pleasure to be your guests 😄
I am Sang Hyuk Do, co-founder and CEO of Waltonchain....

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