Wanchain 5.0 Desktop Wallet Guide

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Wanchain 5.0 Desktop Wallet Updates

The newly updated wallet offers new features to support Storeman node staking and delegating functionality

If you do not already have the newest version of the wallet downloaded and installed, please download the wallet, and follow this guide to install and set it up. Make sure to back up your wallet mnemonic phrase in a safe place (on paper, not any digital format).

Update #1 — Updated Interface to Quickly Show Cross-chain Support

Now that Wanchain 5.0 has officially launched and we have begun transitioning from the old permissioned cross-chain bridges to the new permissionless and decentralized wanBridges, the Wallet UI has been updated to reflect these changes.

The “Cross Chain” section has been updated to make it easier to navigate tokens from different wanBridges

Newly designed cross-chain token interface

You can see here that for each asset, the supported blockchain pair is listed if a wanBridge exists for that pair. For example, you can see here that the Bitcoin <-> Wanchain wanBridge allows for BTC to be swapped from the native BTC asset on the Bitcoin blockchain to WRC20 wanBTC on Wanchain (and vice versa, from wanBTC back to normal BTC), and also that there is another wanBridge connecting Wanchain and Ethereum. Using the Wanchain <-> Ethereum bridge, WRC20 wanBTC on Wanchain may be swapped for ERC20 wanBTC on Ethereum (and vice versa). The new UI makes it very easy to see at a glance which assets may be transferred to and from which blockchains.

Update #2 — New Cross-chain Token Naming Conventions

The new “@” based cross-chain token naming convention gives us a clear and logical way to refer to cross-chain assets

Previously, the WanWallet did not have a is a developer naming convention which allowed users to understand which type of cross-chain assets they are transacting ...

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