Want to Build Products People Will Use? Ost CEO Jason Explains How in BlockShow Interview

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How do you build crypto apps people will actually use? Ost CEO Jason sat down with Cointelegraph VP of Strategic Partnerships Stephen Chase at BlockShow Asia to talk about blockchain, user experience, and why the trick is simple: just ask.

“It’s not that hard if you talk to people,” says Jason. He’s spent the last four years meeting and speaking to the crypto community and finding out what real-world problems they want crypto to solve. “We don’t ask, ‘what feature do you want?’” he says. “We ask, ‘what are you trying to accomplish?’”

Jason explained how Pepo, which is built on OST and launched at Ethereum Devcon5, was able to take advantage of the wealth of blockchain infrastructure that has been built over the past several years. Teams — including OST — have been working hard to build the technical foundations necessary to deliver a dapp that feels like an app. How did the team know what functionality to build into Pepo? As Jason says, if you ask people what they want, they’ll tell you. “We just turned the ‘like’ button into a token transfer.”

Jason’s philosophy of focusing on real, rather than theoretical, problems helped Pepo deliver the first fully embeddable crypto wallet in a mainstream app approved by the Apple App Store. Pepo makes crypto smooth and easy with with solutions like a simple 6-digit pin for account recovery and the ability to cash out tokens in exchange for Amazon gift cards. By focusing on usability, Pepo meets people where they are.

Jason concludes the interview with an appeal to viewers: “You can be sending tokens in a matter of seconds by clicking on the like button. Try that, and then give us feedback, because we’d love to hear from you.”

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