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Bancor Dev Update for the week of May 2–7: Trading competition, pool space notifications & more


  • Completed work for the trader NFT competition
  • Completed hardhat migration
  • Replaced custom re-entrancy guard with OpenZeppelin version
  • Moved the contracts out of the solidity directory
  • Added abi files to the npm package
  • Deprecated non standard pool converters
  • Fixed terminology inconsistencies
  • Added bytes32 representation of the registry contract names to the docs
  • Added staking rewards to the test deployment script
  • Removed remaining liquid token references from the codebase
  • Analytics script automation (WIP)
  • Created a script for extracting the list of LPs + their share in a pool


  • Fixed handling of pool removal from the registry
  • New process for harvesting historical data into the DB & completed most of the harvest — to be used for new historical APIs


  • Added space available notification
  • Bug/balance fetching
  • Fixed pool token search
  • Dark Mode Corrections
  • Network not supported
  • Update dependencies

Track front-end updates at: https://github.com/bancorprotocol/webapp/issues

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