Weekly Dev Update

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Week of May 23–30


  • New protection contract — improves the transferPosition functionality for 3rd party integrations


  • Fixed solidity coverage report
  • Started migrating tests to typescript
  • Migrated the test deployment script to hardhat so it runs as part of the tests
  • Added more monitoring tools
  • Gas optimizations research
  • Research hardhat deployment plugins
  • Refactored test tokens
  • Removed the whitelist contract
  • Removed unneeded packages
  • Refactored tests and reduced verbosity


  • Added vote delegation strategy


  • Fix 25% => 50% withdrawal bug
  • Increase limit orders to 30 days
  • Dependencies updated
  • Withdraw modal fixed
  • EOS remove liquidity fixed
  • Slippage warnings added
  • Withdrawing position UI improved

Track front-end updates at: https://github.com/bancorprotocol/webapp/issues

Executed Governance Proposals:

Upcoming Governance Proposals:

The following proposals will go live at 4pm UTC on Monday May 31, 2021. BNT holders must stake their vBNT in the Bancor governance contract before proposals go live in order to vote.

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