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Bancor Dev Update for the week of April 25–May 2


  • Limit orders
  • New protection contract
  • New Fiat providers: Simplex, Banxa, Ramp
  • New landing Page


  • Truffle to hardhat migration (WIP)
  • Normalized ETH/reserve token usages (new ReserveToken contract)
  • Refactored token utils
  • Allow unregistering factories from the converter factory
  • Added transferPosition & transferPositionAndCall in the protection contract
  • Moved unused contracts into the legacy contracts repo
  • Merged StakingRewards contracts into the main contracts repo
  • Fixed an issue that caused APR of new positions to remain at 0 in the first few days
  • Moved price deviation check in the protection contract to an early time in the process
  • Fixed price deviation check on add liquidity in the protection contract
  • Fixed docs generation
  • Fixed error handling in the bancor network tests
  • Optimized protection contract stress tests
  • Deprecated non standard pool converters


  • Added support for multiple 3rd party pricing APIs
  • Historical APIs (WIP) — added logic, preparing to harvest historical data off the blockchain
  • Space available & vBNT burn notifications


  • Update meta tags for better SEO
  • HTTP response headers added
  • Bug fixes
  • Empty Swap Widget
  • Empty Tokens Table
  • Show new protected positions automatically
  • Wallet logout fixed
  • Hard code gov token
  • Hard code gas multiplier
  • ...

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