“Welcome Home” is now Approved!

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Ontology and Daimler Accelerate Progress on ‘Welcome Home’ App

Enjoy full transparency and take control of your own data and privacy

We are happy to announce that the much anticipated “Welcome Home” application powered by Ontology has officially passed through the initial stages of review with Daimler Mobility. As a truly pioneering MVP product, Welcome Home combines the premium experience of Daimler’s mobility units with Ontology’s technical superiority, especially related to decentralized identities and data protection. All of this can be experienced in 6 simple steps, outlined in the videos below!

This marks an unprecedented step in the right direction, bringing your automotive experience a step closer to Ontology’s decentralized blockchain services.

Car operators who have access to the Welcome Home in-car system will have control over unique features, including:

  • Your in-car and mobility service preferences are attached to your profile, not to any one particular vehicle, therefore you could transform any vehicle into your own, anytime, anywhere across the globe.
  • You can access third-party service providers integrated into the system with one-time verification, yet stay anonymous to all providers after the services are completed.
  • You will be authorizing your data for service providers to give personalized services, yet you retain full transparency and control of all access and usage of your data, which would allow you to stay anonymous.

According to Harry Behrens, Head of Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory:

“Customers using the Welcome Home which integrates with the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform would be greeted to their customized user settings and profile by any Mercedes they pair the app with. Fully sovereign in control of their data they can choose to share this experience with their friends and be safe at home with Mercedes — anywhere they go”

As we’ve written about previously, Welcome Home is designed to ...

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