Welcome Mauro Conti to the IOTA Research Council

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Professor Mauro Conti is an extremely well known and respected security and privacy expert. He is a full professor of Computer Science at the University of Padova, Italy, where serves as head of the SPRITZ Security and Privacy Research Group and head of studies for the Cybersecurity Degree. He is an EU Marie Curie Fellow, DAAD Fellow and senior member of IEEE and ACM. He is also a member of the Italian government’s Blockchain Expert Panel. Mauro’s research spans a broad range of security and privacy-related topics, with a primary focus on resource-constrained mobile devices.

He is a prolific publisher, authoring peer-reviewed articles on topics ranging from computer system security to digital forensics, cloud infrastructure, IoT, and distributed and networked systems, among many others. He also teaches various courses, including topics such as cybersecurity, networks and security, and principles and practices of cybersecurity and cryptography.

Mauro’s broad engagement and expertise across so many fields are perfectly aligned with the IOTA Foundation’s efforts to develop IOTA as the backbone of the IoT. Mauro is a natural tinkerer, who loves to tear systems down and build them back up to understand their every aspect. As such, he is an ideal advisor for IOTA: a person to consult with about both the theoretical fundamentals and the applied problems that IOTA is engaged with on an ongoing basis.

Please check out Mauro’s personal website to learn more about his work.

On joining the IOTA Research Council

“It is my honor to join the IOTA Research Council. I have greatly enjoyed my engagement with the IOTA team through our grant work, and I am happy to take on this advisory role as a way to offer my expertise to the IOTA Foundation in a broader capacity.

It has been exciting to witness the DLT research field develop over the ...

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