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I remember the day I learned about Agrello. I was instantly intrigued by the vision of making ‘intelligent contracts’ with a human-readable interface. What is not to like about that? Well, that sort of stuff is great for techies; they are the only ones who are not intimated by its complexity.

I held on to that thought for a while as it reassured me that Agrello was on to something different and impactful.

I have to admit that for an Estonian, the idea was not surprising. It was here in Estonia as early as 2001 when we had our first qualified digital signatures. It seemed only logical that we would soon start on the full digitalization path.

It is inherent in our culture to embrace digitalization as we, Estonians, are also advocates of transparency. Just imagine that we already use Blockchain to store our health records; our taxes are all online, and we have been using e-voting for ages. I feel very fortunate and proud to have evolved in this environment and approach to digitalization. Unfortunately, the rest of the world works differently. Some of the most advanced economies in the world are nowhere near this level. So things change dramatically across the border from this digital-friendly place.

So back to Agrello, I happily signed up to lead Agrello with the vision to facilitate what we now know as the Digital Economy; we are well-positioned culturally and intellectually to drive this wave of digitalization.

“Making ‘better tools’ is not enough; it’s the mindset we have to change.”

During these hard times, no doubt, all of us are facing challenges. Yet, I feel that the struggle we are going through is something that will help us bond and establish new grounds for future successes. We must stay close to our True ...

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