Welcome Unity Validators

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Welcome Unity Validators

As we approach the launch of Unity in the next few weeks, we are thrilled to announce our validator launch partners! It has been a great experience working this industry-leading group of companies from around the world and seeing the Aion staking community grow exponentially over the past few months. We’d like to thank this group of dedicated validators for their feedback and contributions throughout the testnet period — it has played a tremendous part in smoothing out any bumps along the way and paved the way for newcomers to join for mainnet and beyond.

With decentralization and security as the focus, the ARRT team designed Unity to be simple, efficient, and the most accessible staking solution for all stakeholders taking part in the validation process. We were excited to see how well-received this design was by various staking pool operators and how quickly it was for them to get their pools set up. Being one of the only pseudo non-custodial solutions where the entire staking life-cycle is managed by Java smart contracts made the experience very straightforward with as little risk as possible.

We look forward to a successful launch in the coming weeks and engaging Aion holders from around the world in securing The OAN. Here is a list in alphabetical order of the launch partners providing public accepting delegation by mainnet launch:

Aion Mine

Aion Pool




Figment Networks


Infinity Stones


Mindful Staking

Peak Corridor Consulting


Stake Capital


Stake Frites

Staking Facilities


Validation Capital

Find out more about the launch validators in alphabetical order below:


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