What is the GXChain2.0’s reconstruction?AMA Recap: GXChain & TopDao Community

Carter Quan 丨 TopDao
Hello everyone, I am your host Carter, and joining us Today is Dani from GXChain! Hello Dani, I am sure our community members are excited, they are just muted for now lol, So without further due, let’s jump in our first question

Dani BIANS @ GXChain
It’s my great honor to do the AMA in TopDao community! Let’s do it!

Q1. Hello Dani, can you briefly introduce GXChain2.0 and what is the official positioning for it?

In the first place, GXChain2.0 is the self-iteration of GXChain1.0, which is more technically in line with the current blockchain tech and dev. trends, especially more inclined to the definition of “pan-Ethereum ecology”

For GXChain1.0 we give it a positioning as a public blockchain for data-economy in the vertical field, but for GXChain2.0 we are more willing to call it a free, lightweight, developer-friendly public blockchain, which sharing the infrastructure with Ethereum, GXChain2.0 will become the “experimental field” of Ethereum and the laboratory of DeFi innovation.

There are two reasons for this positioning. First, in the past post-2018, which was a boom year of public blockchain, the market’s perception and demand for the public blockchain field have undergone profound changed. Therefore, the positioning and ecological position of GXChain2.0 in the market need to be adjusted at a strategic level.

Second, the needs of current developers have also undergoing subtle changed. Among them, we observed two key points as a public blockchain team, we must respond to. The first is a friendly and lightweight development environment, and the second is a friendly and lightweight development environment. The need for parallel migration, that is, how to migrate to Ethereum more losslessly, and the Ethereum ecosystem can be shared and symbiotic, so based on the above two points, GXChain2....

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