Why Does Korea Blockchain Institute Have a Reputation of a “Blockchain Military Academy”?

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Image by People’s Daily Online — Korean Channel

July 16, 2020, 15:15 Source: People’s Daily Online — Korean Channel

Blockchain is one of the core components of Industry 4.0. It has gained traction and has been developing vigorously. In the coming 4 years, the Korean Government will invest KRW 300B (about USD 250M) in blockchain technology development. Today, we visit the training base for blockchain experts, Korea Blockchain Institute, to learn about blockchain education and development in Korea.

Reporter (R): Hi, everyone! This is People’s Daily Online Korea. Today we are lucky to visit Korea Blockchain Institute. We will know about blockchain education and development in Korea. Hi, Mr. Secretary! Please introduce blockchain education and development in Korea to People’s Daily Online.

Korea Blockchain Institute Secretary Do Sang Hyuk (D): Hi, everyone! I am the Secretary of Korea Blockchain Institute Do Sang Hyuk. Korea Blockchain Institute (KBCI) is a professional education institution established in April 2018. It has the full financial support of the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Korean Government. Before 2022, it will train 10,000 experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. As a professional education institution in the field of blockchain, it has undertaken a large-scale education project of the Korean Government.

R: What is special about Korea Blockchain Institute?

D: The key feature of Korea Blockchain Institute is introduction of the incubator management system. It not only includes blockchain education but also provides one-stop support services for employment, entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises.

R: This year, Korean Ministry of Science and ICT announced the investment of KRW 40B (about USD 33M) in blockchain development. Please tell us your thoughts on future blockchain development in Korea. What are the future development plans for Korea Blockchain Institute?...

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