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Superhero community members can now access an on-chain voting application that allows them to launch initiatives and participate in discussions.

Decentralized governance is one of the most promising, yet also most complex concepts that blockchain technology brings to light. In æternity, governance has long been a topic of discussion — and will continue to be so in the near future.

As the æternity ecosystem continues to evolve, the community remains a vital source of insights in the way the platform develops. While a framework for governance on æternity has yet to be determined by the community, existing tools created by developers can be used to facilitate related activities in the future.

One such tool is the Governance app, an on-chain voting application that can be used to launch polls, achieve consensus, and potentially arrive at network-binding decisions in the future — should this be decided by the community. For this reason, it has been integrated into

Superhero Voting helps give every Superhero and æternity community member a say in the future of the æternity network. Anybody in the æcosystem can introduce ideas, share insights on issues, and share opinions on Superhero. Voting serves as a first step towards facilitating governance in the future.

The Superhero governance framework is powered by smart contracts, and accessed by a simple, user-friendly æpp that makes it easy to create polls, vote, and contribute to community insights and decisions.

How does Voting in Superhero Work?

Superhero Voting is performed through the voting æpp — a decentralized community tool that allows Superhero community members to share their preferences and opinions on virtually any topic about Superhero — or on any topic in the æternity network and beyond.

To get started with Superhero voting, you’ll need to set up your Superhero wallet. Head over to Superhero and install the Superhero browser extension. You can also use ...

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