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The current situation most of us are living is a painful reminder of how unpredictable the future is; being able to ‘adapt’ is a critical determinant of success. If nothing else, this experience confirms our need to rely on electronic means of exchange and trusted interactions to keep businesses running. I am referring to payments, e-self-serving, online ID verification, digital ID with trusted authentication, and digital signatures. Fortunately for us at Agrello, a significant part of the Estonian economy rests untouched thanks to the general digital adoption by Estonians and the government-led programs that guided us to this level of digitalization.

As for Agrello, the future has been challenging to predict and stick to plan. We started with a vision to automate information logistics by automating the obligations and rights of everyone and everything inside the loops of business processes; we thought this was what the world needed, as a team with the law and technical background, it made sense to most of us.

Our biggest hurdle and reality check came along with the realization that most businesses do not have or plan to have the most basic digital infrastructure in place. It is common to find that companies are yet storing their essential documents in a file cabinet, and managers are still scheduling time to sign papers. Yes, to sign by hand. We also found that the companies which have planned for a digital infrastructure are mostly large corporations and multi-nationals with limited options for interoperability and heavy security, leaving us with the current standard of heavy security “the more security, the less usability.”

These gaps in our reality shaped our plans differently and required a fresh way forward. We started adjusting our development to new needs and focus on accelerating the transition from physical (paper) to digital. We ...

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