Winners List of aelf Wallet Public Testing

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The launch of the aelf mainnet on December 10 means that aelf has entered phase 1: Mainnet Security Monitoring. During phase 1, we will actively access the mainnet with the exchange to prepare for token swap. But before that, we launched the aelf wallet public testing to let you try out the aelf Wallet.

During the testing, we received hundreds of feedback from more than 300 users, including feedback and bug submission on on-chain assets management, checking out market data, initiating transactions (supporting same-chain/main-side chain transactions), switching network, etc..

See below the winners of aelf public testing (evaluation is based on their feedback):

(Note: The bonus will be distributed within 7 working days. If you have not received the bonus by that time, please contact us.)

In addition to participating in feedback and BUG submissions, some of the winners were also selected from retweets:

(Note: The bonus will be distributed within 7 working days. )

aelf will continue to optimize the products to provide users with a better user experience and meet different users’ needs. The feedback we’ve collected from wallet public testing gives us some ideas about how we can improve it. In the future, aelf will also strive to innovate and provide users with safe digital asset management.

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