With the first side-chain successfully deployed, the aelf Mainnet’s multi-chain structure is up…

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With the first side-chain successfully deployed, the aelf Mainnet’s multi-chain structure is up and running!

The aelf mainnet was launched on December 10 and has been running steadily for two weeks since aelf’s main-chain began operation.

Today, the first side-chain “shared side-chain” is also deployed on the aelf mainnet and is open-source. This means that after entering phase 2: mainnet improvement, any developer can freely deploy contracts on the shared side-chain to develop various DApps.

One of aelf’s design highlights is a multi-level main-side chain system with ‘one chain for one scenario’. This ensures effective isolation of resources while enabling the aelf network to scale horizontally.

One side-chain supports one scenario. Each side-chain has its own set of resources, which enhances the processing capacity of the whole network. When a popular application clogs a side-chain, other side-chains will not be affected. The role of the main chain is to index the blocks generated by the side-chain to facilitate cross-chain communication.

aelf’s side-chains are divided into internal side-chains and external side-chains. The former refers to side-chains created by joint mining based on aelf, such as the shared side-chain already in operation. External side-chains refer to side-chains through which other blockchain systems can join the aelf ecosystem, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other public blockchains.

At present, aelf is now able to verify the existence of transactions as well as the timing of transactions through the index of main-chain and side-chain. For the side-chains of mining, indexing can be realized via two steps: 1. the parent chain records the block head of the child chain into its own block. 2. the child chain records the block head of the parent chain into its own storage contract.

Moreover, aelf has designed a variety of incentive models for side-chain developers, including an exclusive side-chain fee model, ...

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