Xmas In Numbers: Jingle Bells, Mariah Sells, Wham Goes All The Way

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Xmas in Numbers: Jingle Bells, Mariah Sells, Wham Goes All the Way

A quick look into the insane numbers of two Christmas heavy-hitters. You know which ones.

It’s THAT time of the year again. You know it, we know it.

Christmas songs are back.

So it begins.

Last year, we looked into the YouTube stats of two “Christmas titans”, Wham’s “Last Christmas” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, to once and for all see which of the two classics reigns supreme and when to expect them on our airwaves again.

The Clash of Christmas Titans: Who Owns the Season?

As we discovered, the Christmas season well and truly begins right after Halloween, data-wise. Both songs peak on Christmas Day (obviously), with Mariah being played around 8M times, beating Wham! by a good million.

In 2019, their combined views broke the 1B mark, but interestingly enough, the two videos raked in way fewer views than in 2018 or 2017. It also seems their results are quite tied at “only” 4 and 5 million views on Christmas day.

What happened? New editions happened!

Wham! went all in and released not one, but TWO “new-and-improved” versions in 2019, namely the “Official 4k Video” that has gotten almost 18M views since its mid-December release (1.7M views on Christmas Day 2019 alone), and an “Official Lyric Video” that has performed more modestly, with 3.5 M plays since its premiere. We’ll include the 4k reboot in our calculations.

But wait! A week later, on 20 December 2019, Ms....

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