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Some things in the music biz kept repeating. We decided to do something about it.

It’s funny how some things never change. We’ve been in the music biz for around two decades now (some of us even longer), we’ve seen trends and media come and go, and yet we keep hearing the same issues when talking to music pros. Most often, the reasons someone’s career in music comes to a halt isn’t a lack of passion or of available channels to put your tracks on — the real villains in the story are lack of time and of available resources.

Let’s face it: a music career is hard work. Take Scott for example. He’s your typical pro, leading an ambitious triple-shift life. Once he decided to pursue a full-time music career, he’s been signed to record labels and is producing, teaching, engineering sound, creating music, doing PR, marketing and running social media campaigns at the same time. “It’s not easy. Getting recognized in niche genres like Techno can be a real struggle,” he explained in our talk, noting that while he knows his way around stats, he lacks the time to handle them properly. Or as he put it: “I just don’t have the time to go to multiple websites, look up data, make screen-captures and compare them.”

It’s a story we’ve heard a thousand times. So we decided to do something about it. Miha already covered the basics a while ago.

Viberate Analytics: The 5 Best Things You’re in For

Viberate analytics are ready to launch

To help everyone keep up with the neck-snapping pace of the music industry, we’ve created a tool that helps keep track of important channels and metrics, translate data into clear insights, and replace soul-crushing numbers with understandable visuals.

Every aspect is designed with music pros in ...

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