YOYOW Foundation Completes Part of the Development of YOYOW.Swap Smart Contract

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The YOYOW Foundation has completed part of the development of the YOYOW.Swap smart contract. YOYOW.Swap is a DeFi project launched by the YOYOW Foundation, similar to the Uniswap on the Ethereum network, and is an automated cryptocurrency swap service deployed on the YOYOW network. The Github address of the YOYOW.Swap project is: https://github.com/yoyow-org/YOYOW.Swap, and the project has been completely open source.

At present, the YOYOW Foundation is intensively developing the front-end interface of the YOYOW.Swap project. After the development is completed, YOYOW.Swap will be deployed on the YOYOW 3.0 Testnet and will be fully open source.

YOYOW.Swap is mainly used to promote the circulation of smart content tokens on the YOYOW blockchain and improve the liquidity of tokens. YOYOW.Swap uses the Automatic Market Maker algorithm to provide users with an efficient, low slippage and easy-to-use decentralized automatic cryptocurrency swap service.

YOYOW.Swap smart contract is partly developed based on C++ and deployed on the WebAssembly (WASM) runtime of YOYOW 3.0. With the strong performance of WebAssembly runtime, it provides a second-level transaction confirmation speed and realizes real-time decentralized cryptocurrency swap.

YOYOW.Swap smart contract command line test steps:

1.Compile the YOYOW.Swap smart contract:

gxx -g swaptoken....

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