YOYOW Foundation Releases YOYOW Discourse Plugin v1.0

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Discourse is a completely open source forum project developed by Stack Overflow co-founder Jeff Atwood. Discourse supports both mobile devices and traditional PC devices. It has a complete plug-in system and community management system and it is currently the most popular open source forum project.

The YOYOW Discourse plug-in launched by the YOYOW Foundation is released based on the MIT open source agreement. It allows website owners who use Discourse to easily access the YOYOW network, and also allows developers to develop more powerful Discourse plug-ins based on this project.

By installing the YOYOW Discourse plug-in, the Discourse forum can realize the content incentive feature based on the YOYOW network. This feature enables content contributors, content discoverers and content platforms to obtain corresponding rewards. Users can rate high-quality content. The higher the quality of the content, the more users will participate in the rating and participants in each part of the content incentives will also receive more token incentives, thus forming a closed loop that further increases website traffic and user retention.

YOYOW Discourse plug-in feature list

  1. YOYOW wallet login
  2. Discourse account is bound to YOYOW account
  3. YOYOW content incentive feature
  4. Content on-chain feature

The YOYOW Foundation will continue to promote community autonomy through the development of various plug-ins suitable for third-party website building programs, so that website owners and common users who lack development capabilities can participate in the construction of the YOYOW network. The YOYOW Foundation has completed the plug-in development plan, and will continue to develop and release a series of plug-ins and SDKs for the whole site construction program with the strength of its own and community developers.

The YOYOW Discourse plug-in has been applied and deployed to dpos.club and is currently running stably.

GitHub address of YOYOW Discourse plug-ins: https://github.com/yoyow-org/discourse-yoyow


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