YOYOW Foundation Releases YOYOW.Swap Project and Announces DeFi Roadmap

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Since the establishment of the project in 2017, the YOYOW Foundation’s development plan has closely followed the trend of the times, and the ecological construction has been efficiently promoted. Starting from the second half of 2020, the YOYOW Foundation will focus on exploring decentralized financial services, bringing decentralized finance into the field of decentralized content. The first DeFi project launched by the YOYOW Foundation is YOYOW.Swap, which is similar to Uniswap on the Ethereum network and is an automatic cryptocurrency swap service deployed on the YOYOW network. YOYOW.Swap will promote the circulation of smart content tokens issued by users on the YOYOW blockchain. YOYOW.Swap uses the Automatic Market Maker algorithm to provide users with efficient, low slippage and easy-to-use decentralized automatic cryptocurrency swap services. YOYOW.Swap allows users to freely create trading pairs, and provide liquidity for trading pairs and earn liquidity rewards.

The YOYOW.Swap project does not charge any agreement fees and handling fees, and does not issue Governance Tokens. Users can share the fee income from each transaction according to the amount of liquidity they provide.

The YOYOW.Swap smart contract is partly developed based on C++ and will be deployed on the WebAssembly (WASM) runtime of YOYOW 3.0. With the strong performance of the WebAssembly runtime, it provides a second-level transaction confirmation speed and realizes real-time decentralized cryptocurrency swap. YOYOW.Swap is currently under active development. The project Github address is:


The YOYOW Foundation expects that the smart contract part of YOYOW.Swap will be developed in mid-to-late September and deployed on the YOYOW 3.0 testnet.

At the same time, the YOYOW Foundation has formulated a YOYOW DeFi roadmap, which will be gradually implemented in the 2020–2021 YOYOW 3....

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