ZEN Faucet is Now ZenHub – More ZEN Rewards, More Fun for Everyone!

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ZenHub makes exploring the Horizen ecosystem more rewarding than ever before!


ZenHub is the new ZEN faucet, and it is more than a faucet. We created ZenHub with the goal of providing a fun, rewarding, and risk-free experience for everyone to join and explore the Horizen ecosystem. ZenHub provides users with various ways to get free ZEN rewards and learn about Horizen and blockchain technology along the way. 


Free ZEN Everyday for Everyone – Risk-Free and Barrier Free!

ZenHub includes the ZEN Faucet that gives free ZEN to everyone everyday! In order to make it easy for everyone, including crypto newbies, the faucet now allows instant claim without a ZEN address!  Users don’t have to have a ZEN address to start claiming free ZEN. This makes it easier to claim ZEN especially for people new to the Horizen ecosystem or the crypto world in general!


Earn Unlimited Rewards via the Level-up Referral Program

ZenHub has an upgraded referral program that allows you to earn an unlimited amount of extra rewards from your referrals AND your referees’ referrals! When you invite someone to ZenHub, you will earn extra ZEN each time they claim free ZEN. To make it better, you can even earn rewards on up to 4 levels of referrals!


Extra Rewards, Games, and Upcoming New Rewards

ZenHub still has the popular extra reward features where users can supercharge their ZEN claiming, like the Daily Claiming Bonus, Social Multipliers, and Sweet HODL! Bonus.  We are looking to upgrade some of these extra rewards features in the near future. 

Our current game BloxJump has been popular among our users. We are working on adding new games to ZenHub to create more fun and engaging experience. 

We appreciate everyone who provided feedback about ...

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