ZILHive Grants Update — New Market Research Track and Mission Board

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ZILHive Grants Update — New Market Research Track and Mission Board

The ZILHive Grants programme has grown significantly since its inception 2 years ago. We have funded over 70 exciting and innovative projects built on Zilliqa, with participants coming from 22 different countries across the world. With the recent announcement of our 8th wave of Grants recipients, the ZILHive team is pleased to release the following updates for the Grants programme.

*NEW* ZILHive Website!

As you may have seen, we have launched a separate, dedicated website for ZILHive at www.zilhive.org! In the ZILHive website, you will be able to find information on ZILHive and its Education, Grants and Accelerator arms. Applications for the Grants programme from here onwards are also to be submitted at www.zilhive.org/grants. Stay tuned to our new website as we will be unveiling new features and content in the near future!

*NEW* Market Research Track!

With the recent kick-off of our Blockchain for Business course, we welcome industry professionals to our community here at ZILHive. We believe that having diversity in industry backgrounds and expertise across our community members can bring about new, innovative ideas to elevate the ecosystem to the next level. As such, we are launching a new Market Research track, catered towards industry professionals who wish to explore new exciting use-cases for the Zilliqa blockchain. Projects under this new track will entail market research and analysis across various industries and different geographical sectors. If you think you can contribute valuable insights from your industry — be it finance, healthcare or advertising, reach out and apply for the Market Research track!

Note: The maximum grant funding for Market Research projects is capped at $5,000 USD.

*NEW* Mission Board!

Perhaps the biggest reason why you have not applied for the Grants programme yet is because you have not developed an idea that you ...

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