Zilliqa Implements Anti-Fraud Measures with Scam Tracker & $SCAM Token

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  • Zilpay to Automatically Flag Known Phishing Sites — More wallet integrations coming soon!


Scams have been prevalent in the cryptosphere (and the internet) since its inception. They come in many forms such as phishing websites or addresses. Within the Ethereum community, an initiative known as CryptoScamDB houses a database of known addresses or domains that are involved in current and past scams. Services such as Metamask and Etherscan use this tool to flag out addresses or websites that are potentially involved in scam-related activities. However, many of such initiatives are chain-specific and may not support other chain asset formats.

As such, we came up with our own version of the scam database for Zilliqa. While maintaining the decentralised nature of the protocol, we aim to protect our global community of token holders by alerting them to potential threats and helping mitigate risks or their losses.

To that effect, this project will:

  1. Identify and block phishing websites impersonating applications within Zilliqa’s ecosystem
  2. Flag addresses involved in scams
  3. Authenticate Zilliqa groups’ Telegram admins

Unlike CryptoscamDB where data is housed within a traditional database, we have gone with the approach of deploying four smart contracts to the related information. These are:

  1. ScamManagement.scilla — Manage who can add or remove entries in ScamURL.scilla, ScamToken.scilla and ManagerTracking.scilla
  2. ScamURL.scilla — Store a list of URL or domains involved in scams
  3. ScamToken.scilla — $SCAM token contract to issue $SCAM to known scam addresses
  4. ManagerTracking.scilla — Stores a list of Zilliqa Official Telegram chat group admins

Design principles

The team is well aware of censorship concerns from the Zilliqa community. Hence, when designing this system, we adopt a light approach in tackling scams....

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