Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — December 2020

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Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — December 2020

Greetings all,

December for Zilliqa was incredibly progress-packed, allowing us to forget — if only for a brief moment — what an unexpected and tumultuous year it had been. But we rose to every single challenge as a team, kept our eyes on our mission and vision and proudly delivered results, the highlights of which we shared in the 2020 Ecosystem Growth Report.

With ‘ASEAN poised to continue its trajectory towards digital dominance’, we ended the year on a positive note and with a fierce #ZILocity. We enjoyed a bullish, engagement-filled holiday season with our community, offering them incredible deals and giveaways via SocialPay, Zeeves, Travala & crypto.com. We were also thrilled to see gZIL listed on CEX.IO last month. Our market infrastructure experts continue working towards the listing of gZIL on prominent global exchanges. In the meantime, let’s recap 12–2020.

Zeeves ‘Fourteen Days of Fun’ Integrated 14 new Partner-Rewards into our world-class bot

Telegram’s most advanced bot Zeeves is now available in 3D! Zeeves — your ever-present, speedy and reliable bot-ler introduced new rewards and giveaways from 14 loyalty programme partners. Reputed influencers in and outside the crypto players including Akoin, Ivan On Tech, Unstoppable Domains, BOLT and Noblechairs are among the new joinees; offering exciting incentives for user engagement.

Over the last three weeks, we have seen 6100+ new registrations (bringing the total Zeeves subscribers to 36,582 to date). Zeeves has enabled 4472 transactions, launched 3 new app integrations, stores 917,000 $ZIL inside the wallets and enjoys an average DAU (Daily Average Users) of 680.

This #HappyZILDays holiday campaign was complemented by Twitter holiday campaign via SocialPay, which resulted in 7,623 claims in less than 5 hours!

LunarCRUSH Year-in-Review

Our rigorous focus on partnerships and marketing has not gone unnoticed by the community, who have participated and helped us reverberate our ...

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