Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — March 2021

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Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — March 2021

March madness came for Zilliqa! March has set a new benchmark for us in terms of activity, dApp developments, transaction volume, media coverage and NFT projects.

The numbers speak for themselves. In March alone, global digital media outlets, influencers and bloggers that covered Zilliqa-related stories cumulatively received more than 15 BILLION visits.

The media exposure Zilliqa’s getting is a result of major announcements coming out from our end. Earlier on in the month, Zilliqa Capital was announced. Zilliqa Capital is the investment arm of Zilliqa, aimed at identifying promising, disruptive ventures with the potential of building on Zilliqa’s blockchain. Zilliqa Capital’s role is to invest in these ventures and help them rapidly scale, while taking an active role in support these projects from the seed round all the way through to series A, B, C and beyond.

The utility of our token has also been expanded this month. We’ve integrated with Binance Smart Chain. Holders of $ZIL can now utilise BEP-20 ZIL on the BSC DeFi ecosystem, with a liquidity pool launched on PancakeSwap on the 26th of March.

In last month’s edition of the newsletter we talked about how crazy the growth has been for ZILSwap, growing $47million in total value locked in February alone. In March, Zilliqans outdid themselves once again. The total value locked on Zilswap (as of the time of writing this article) sits at $189 million. Yes you read that right! The total value locked grew by an astonishing $140 million in March alone.

Zilliqa’s also starting to gain mainstream visibility! Our CCO Colin, was invited onto Channel News Asia’s 938 Live for an Interview to talk about NFTs, Zilliqa and the ecosystem we are building. NFTs are making waves and more celebrities are realising the value of it. Keep a keen eye out for ...

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