Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — November 2020

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Hello friends,

From new appointments to new breakthroughs, November 2020 did not disappoint. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

We started off the month by recording 3 billion $ZIL staked just three weeks after the landmark launch of non-custodial staking, and now have over USD 100 million locked in. We had hit the milestone of 8 million transactions and by month end, we hit new highs, crossing 10 million transactions. Today, over 1 million Zilliqa addresses are in existence.

On the commercial front, you’ve already heard that long-time Zilliqan Matt Dyer has been appointed Head of Sales & Marketing. With solid enterprise experience, he will work across the marcom and ComTech teams to accelerate Zilliqa productization and adoption worldwide — which is what 2021 will be focused on.

Technical Updates — Platform & Scilla

The tech team recently generated Zilliqa v 7.0.0 and will be upgrading the mainnet to this version on December 21. This version will include:

  • Improved transaction tracking using GetTransactionStatus API
  • New governance mechanism for miners (as outlined in ZIP-9)
  • Reduced blockchain data storage for miners
  • Migration of base OS from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04
  • Release of shard leadership to community nodes
  • Integration of Scilla v. 0.9.1
  • Speaking of Scilla, the team also fixed a critical bug in the Scilla type system that was blocking the release of external libraries and remote state reads

Listing Updates

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